Welcome to Page One.

Page One is a recently launched news aggregation site. It’s inspired by The Drudge Report, as you’ll likely readily notice, and the insider terminology used at The New York Times for the cover of its print newspaper that also served as the title of the documentary Page One. Page One starred the late David Carr and Brian Stelter among others and chronicled the dramatic shift in the media landscape that saw the Internet overtake actual printed-upon paper as the dominant news medium, and the name here is a nod to that legacy. Otherwise, Page One aims to be your homepage — the first page (and hopefully someday) the only page on the Internet that you need to visit daily for news, entertainment, sports, and gossip. As social media and even traditional web media become more and more algorithm driven, Page One will always be hand-curated and free of corporate influence. If you’ve found traditional homepage portals like AOL.com, Yahoo.com and MSN.com have become overly commercial, and if you find staying on top of Twitter and Facebook overwhelming, then bookmark Page One, open it in a tab and refresh all day for continuous news updates. We’ll post news from a multitude of sources, some household names, some not and some from social media. In short, follow less and know more.

Take me to the Page One homepage.