Steve Bannon says Chris Christie was never considered for Cabinet post because of his reaction to leaked ‘Access Hollywood’ tape

Posted by on September 8, 2017 10:05 am
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CBS News on Friday released some teaser segments from its highly-anticipated ’60 Minutes’ interview with recently vanquished White House strategist Steve Bannon. In the portions released by CBS News, Charlie Rose’s discussion with Bannon focuses on the leaked ‘Access Hollywood’ tape from 11 years earlier, in which Donald Trump could be heard delivering what instantly became his infamous “grab ’em by the pussy’ line in what was a secretly recorded conversation with the show’s host, Billy Bush.

Bannon said the seasoned political operatives went into a total meltdown after the tape was released, just a month before Election Day. Bannon told Rose that Reince Priebus said Trump only had two choices: Drop out of the race immediately or lose in the biggest landslide in America presidential election history. The former Trump campaign chairman also said Chris Christie, a loyal Trump ally throughout the campaign, lost his shot job in Trump’s cabinet with his reaction to the controversial footage. “Christie, because of Billy Bush weekend,” Bannon said, “was not looked at for a Cabinet position.” Watch the two video clips below and return to the Page One homepage for the rest of the day’s news.


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