WATCH: Outer eye wall of Hurricane Irma lashes Marco Island with 130-mph winds as it makes landfall

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If you’ve ever wanted to know what 130-mph hurricane winds look like, scroll down and watch the video below.

A woman who originally hails from Marco Island whose parents did not heed the mandatory evacuation order posted on Twitter stunning video of Hurricane Irma’s outer eye wall pummeling the little island when the monster storm made its second landfall in the state on Sunday as a category three storm. Larae Jones, a food blogger who was raised on Marco Island, said the dramatic 45-second was shot from the sixth floor of a condo building as the eye wall came ashore on the small island. At about the same time, the National Weather Service reported having recorded a 130-mph wind gust at the Marco Island Emergency Operations Center. Watch video of the radar showing Irma making landfall around the same time the video in Larae’s tweet was captured. Larae said on Twitter that the video was shot by her parents, Charles and Shelli Connelly, who have been Marco Island residents for more than 20 years. The footage is intense to say the least.

She posted a couple more videos her parents sent her, which are also embedded further down below. One shows cars being strewn about in floodwaters as they’re pushed around by the powerful wind gusts.  The third video shows the storm surge completely inundating Marco Island’s popular Tigertail Beach.

Jones, who writes the Bohemian Celiac Food blog, told Page One in an email that she’s lived in Marco Island for most of her life, but currently lives in New Jersey. “The video was shot on the 6th floor of the South Seas condominium, tower two, which is off of Collier Boulevard,” she said in the email. “I am sharing their videos via social media for our friends and family from the area.”

Jones said her parents, who live in the condo with their four dachshunds, lost power at about 11 a.m. on Sunday and haven’t had any power since. They are safe after having ridden out the storm, she said, “but their high rise was swaying in the wind so they were understandably stressed during the eye wall.

Jones’ videos, particularly the footage of the eye wall making landfall, have racked up thousands of retweets and likes. “Going viral is definitely a new experience for me, but my family is getting a kick out of it. I think my mom was being interviewed by CNN and Reuters while the back wall of the eye was going through, definitely not what she thought she would be doing during a direct hit,” Jones said.

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